Sithee Russian Cats   . . . . . . . . . . .

Established 1972: registered with the GCCF


I am a full GCCF judge of Russian and British cats, plus Selkirk Rex, Korats and Thais, Cornish and Devon Rex, Sphynx and La Perms, and spend many weekends travelling around the UK judging.

This does mean that opportunities for showing my own cats are very limited, but I greatly enjoy assessing other people's cats and giving them feedback.  I am always happy to talk to exhibitors about their beloved cats after I have finished judging for the day, and I also write up my comments after the show, which are then published on the GCCF website. 


Latest show reports
Gwynedd Cat Club, 7 February 2015: breed classes judged included British: Imperial class for adults; Red Self; Blue; Black adults; kitten; Blue kitten; Grand class for neuters. Foreign section: Russian Blue; Cornish Rex; Devon Rex; and La Perm adults; Russian Blue; Cornish Rex; and Devon Rex kittens; Devon Rex neuters (please note - this is a very large pdf file!);

You can find links to all my show reports on the GCCF website here.