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Established 1972: registered with the GCCF

Welcome to Sithee Russian Cats

Based in the West Midlands of England, I am the proud owner and breeder of many top show-winning Russian Blues.   I specialise in quality not quantity, with my girls having plenty of time between litters to enjoy life as much-loved family pets.  I do everything I can to ensure the long-term health and happiness of my cats and kittens, and look for caring and committed kitten owners.   


I am also a GCCF senior judge of Russians, all Rex  breeds, Korat and British cats and can provide specialist advice and support to all genuine enquirers.  


Kittens from my happy, healthy studs and queens are sometimes available to permanent and loving homes. See my Kittens page for details of available or expected kittens.

Late Extra!  Sithee Iggiepurrs (MN) at 4.5 months wins the coveted Overall Best In Show at the 2014 Russian Blue Breeders breed show !  His lovely companion Gr Ch & IGRPR Kremlinkatz Kohani Krystal (FN) was deemed the overall Best in Show Neuter. A greater day for them both!
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